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Where to buy an Irish flute second hand?

Are you looking for an Irish flute for sale? Don’t know where to look? Internet is a great place to find the best Irish flute… and to be ripped off! So follow our guide below on the best places to find an Irish flute for sale, and how to minimize the risk or bad surprises.

Niche forums

Your first bet is the niche forums that are focusing on the Irish flute. They’re host to a great community of Irish flute players worldwide, and usually offer a classified section where you can find Irish flutes for beginner or advanced players, with price tags ranging from a few hundred bucks to several thousand euros / dollars.

chiff and fipple lists irish flutes for sale
The forum looks a little dated, but is very active in the Irish flute world

Chiff & Fipple (referencing the building blocks of the whistle, see our article about the Irish flute and tin whistle here) is the most active forum. Although a little dated, it has quite an active community of flute player from all around the world. Visit the Used Instrument Exchange section to see instruments for sale.

Although there’s no guarantee when you buy a flute, you can see the user’s history on the website, and someone with history is most likely someone who’s passionate about the Irish flute and a genuine seller.

Click here to visit Chiff & Fipple

Facebook groups

Facebook has developed features to buy and sell stuff online, and you may find your next Irish flute on Facebook.

Although you may encounter a few listed on Facebook Marketplace, we recommend joining groups that focus on Irish flutes for sale. For instance, you can join the group The Irish Flute Marketplace (private group). Make sure to answer the qualifying questions to get in. The group has a thorough moderation process which ensures only high quality instruments are listed.

Again, the group itself offers no guarantee, but you can ask the community for help if you have doubts.

Specialized websites

Some websites offer flutes that have been checked, serviced and are ready to start a second life. The most active one is the Irish Flute Store, offering consigned instruments as well as new instruments from reputable makers.

This is probably the safest way to buy a second-hand Irish flute with all the guarantee you’ll want.

the irish flute store has irish flutes for sale


Ebay offers range from fishy to awesome, so you have to know what you’re getting into before hoping to find your gem. Although Ebay is more suited for antique flutes needing restorations, you may find an irish flute for sale there too.

One general rule is stay away from Pakistani flutes or listings from businesses. These instrument are usually poor quality that would slow you down in your progress (if working at all). If you have doubts about an instrument, feel free to send the link in the comments. We’ll give you our opinion from experience.

Classified websites

Classified websites are a great place to find Irish flutes for sale. However, since they are covering LOTS of areas, you have to be smart about how you search :

  • Use targeted keywords (irish flute, wooden flute, or event the maker’s name, like Olwell or Grinter).
  • Narrow down to a title search if you can.

🤫 And here’s our insider’s tip: browse Irish most popular classified websites, where you’re much more likely to find Irish flutes on sale.

Here’s 2 you can browse:

Finishing notes

Buying an instrument without trying is always a venture, and buying an Irish flute usually means buying on photos and comments (each flute is different).

So how can you minimize the risk? Here are a few techniques from our own experience:

  • Ask for a video recording, to see if the instrument is genuine and in working order.
  • Ask for the history of the instrument (cracks, repairs etc).
  • Stick to reputable makers (visit the forums linked above and you’ll quickly see which ones are cited in the posts).
  • Ask for a “trial” period, for instance 2 weeks, where you have the option to return the instrument if you don’t like it.
  • Discuss listings on the forums and Facebook groups, and ask for help if you’re not sure.

As always, if you want an experienced look on an instrument you have seen or have any question, please feel free to ask in the comments!

Happy hunting 💪🏼